Our aim is to popularize horse riding as an activity not only for children or young people but for everybody disregarding their age. We want to prove that horse riding is a perfect way of spending free time. We want our clients to improve their riding abilities in a nice atmosphere and in the company of kind and friendly people.

Horse riding lessons are held every day both in the open arena as well as in the indoor one therefore it is possible to exercise even until late evening hours.

We run lessons for people on all levels of ability – both for those who start their experience with horse riding as well as for those who have already had an experience with horses. We offer our clients fixed groups on various levels and with various frequencies.

It is recommended everyone who mounts a horse for the first time to have an individual lesson

( levels L, P, and Z) or an individual sport lesson ( group S).

We do not refund money for the lessons that are cancelled later than two days before a planned lesson. All lessons except lunging and a horse walk last 45 min.